Our Services

Post Consulting Services, LLC provides flexible executive and business consulting services targeted around companies in uncharted periods of transition, including high revenue growth,  market expansion or new market go-to strategies, or business transformation and turnaround.  A sampling of the service provided are outlined below.

  • Executive Management Assistance - Post Consulting Services is proud of operating in the small and midsize business arena. Our executive managementteam has a thirst for helping others by sharing the experiences they have accumulated over the years. If your organization needs a helping hand in setting executive direction, driving growth and expansion, or just a mentor to run ideas past, Post Consulting Services has the resources available to assist.
  • Board of Director appointments - You've made it! Your organization is doing well, profitable and on the right path. You've gotten to the point where an executive level of officers isn't sufficient to provide the best direction to your organization but don't know where to start. Let Post Consulting Services help, we will work with executive management to identify the ideal skill sets for your Board of Directors and provide resource recommendations or staff augmentation to get your Board from an idea to execution. 
  • Business consulting - Do you have an idea on the back burner in one of your departments but aren't sure you have the resources or expertise to turn that idea into execution? We have experience in almost every field and department to help you translate that business requirement or want into an actionable item that will come to life in no time.
  • Information Systems / Technology consulting - from installing complex international phone systems to performing hardware maintenance, Post Consulting Services has resources to do it all. We provide the expertise that you need to have a solid technological backbone to conduct business without costing a fortune. Our resources have experience from being a one man IT army to being part of large installation and management teams, giving us the breadth of experience to address any job, big or small. Post Consulting Services also maintains partnerships with key technology leaders such as Cisco and VMware that allow us to better serve our customers with specialized expertise.

Not seeing what you need? We are always looking to expand our service set - so Contact Us to discuss what we can do to help your organization be greater than it already is.