Chief Executive Officer - Michael C. Post

                       Chief Executive Officer - Michael C. Post

Our Story

Post Consulting Services, LLC, commonly referred to as simply PCS, was founded in 2014 as an outlet to provide small and medium businesses with no formal executive management structures or developed technology department an affordable, yet effective, means to take the next step from getting by to growth and expansion, as well as provide top tier information services including managed services, implementation and operational assistance.  The company strives to help business of all sizes maximize their potential by building relationships, becoming a trusted voice and providing solid solutions to complex problems without breaking the bank. In the last year and a half, PCS has become respected partners with some of the largest companiesin the technology, financial and insurance industries.

Our Leadership

With a formal schooling in business and economics, yet a career path in Information Technology consulting and management, Mike Post found himself positioned well to provide both IT and business consulting services to his client base. As a consulting architect for multiple IT product suites - Mike has worked with many C-level executives to identify how his products can impact their bottom lines, market strategies and growth opportunities. During his IT career, Mike noticed that many organizations lack a comprehensive executive structure and limited technological expertise that for many reasons hampered financial and business growth.  It was clear that many of them could benefit from his years of experience talking with executives to translate their organizational needs into actionable items and strategies, and being able to to lean on an extensive list of resources and vendors to turn strategy into action to drive growth. In the first year of Mr. Post's leadership, PCS has seen record revenue increases and the highest profit margin to date. In addition to overseeing day to day operations of PCS, Mr. Post also assumed the position of interim Chief Technology Officer in July of 2015.

Our Locations

Post Consulting Services, LLC has stepped into the future by allowing the majority of our workers to work outside of a physical office building. Outside of maintaining presences in multiple states including Wisconsin, Illinois and Delaware, Post Consulting Services has a physical headquarters in Dallas, TX.





Corporate Headquarters - Dallas, Texas
3010 LBJ Freeway Suite 1200
Dallas, TX 75234